This is an unique offer for those who are interested in this boat and who are able to build it.

Learn more about CM-25

Originally trimaran CM-25 should have been considered as our first production boat. I have spent a lot of time by designing it and finding a best construction a technical solutions. But due to the complexity of CM-25 we have rather decided to choose catamaran CM-24 as our first production boat.

I think the concept of CM-25 is really exciting and it confirms its excellent features. I hope the CM-25 will be build by someone soon.

So here it is:

I offer CM-25 trimaran plans including building support for free for those who interested and who are able to build this boat.

Note that there is no legal claim to obtain this plans and it is only my decision if I will provide that plans or not.

Despite the fact that you must think about that you are able to build trimaran you must understand the fact that is the first boat prototype which brings some risk to consider.

In the favour of construction speaks that I`am experienced trimaran builder and was examinating many building plans and construction methods. So I think I`am able to provide best and fastest construction method of building.

Why you should build this trimaran

It offres a great mix of racing ability and comfort provided. It is big enough to provide living space during cruising and small enough to be transpoted from one place to another.

To the plans and future cooperation

By this time everything is in my computer and my head. I will cooperate with the builder step by step and prepare drawings and building plans to finish the building successfully. All the necessary calculations are done. The beams are designed for serial production. It is the most complicated and the most boring and time consuming part of the trimaran building. It makes no sense to build the beams by the boat builder. The beams will be produced from our molds and must be purchased by the client.

Who will obtain the plans

These plans are recommended for experienced boatbuilders as well as for less experienced boat builders to whom I`am able to offer more frequent consultations. It is ideal to have a near workshop and enough time to build this trimaran.

In the near future I will post material and time costs.

In case of interest contact me via email.
Petr Podobsky